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12:00pm - 11:00pm

STORE LOCATION: Lower Ground Floor, Xinhua Mall Lahore.

Backstreet is a successful and innovative jeans and casual brand by “Concord International” founded by individuals having vast experience of retail market in Pakistan. Backstreet wants to establish a label in the highly competitive jeans market which reflects its ideas of a modern and contemporary denim brand. Distinctive looks to underscore the individuality of their customers, innovative cuts, unusual details, cool washes, exclusive materials and high-quality design all became synonymous with the backstreet brand.

It is distinguished by a unique vibe of youth and dynamism, and asserts a modern and individual look through complete outfits for self-confident and spirited customers of both sexes. The garment collection is been accompanied by a rich and attractive accessory collection.
Our vision is to rediscover the youth.

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